Tribute to My Very First Post + Unicorns

Well… this is what it feels like to blog… interesting. I was under the impression that unicorns fitted with sequined football jerseys would come prancing out on rainbows, carrying satchels of tiny bubbles filled with sparkly encoded secrets about how to rule the universe. But alas, it’s just me sitting on my couch, seeking a break from the daunting monster that some call homework a.k.a. the key to my future. Meh. I prefer this.

So, this post, if you can’t already tell, doesn’t really have much meaning behind it other than to pay tribute to “The First Post”… and to Unicorns. But wait! Do you hear that?! That’s the sound of you shaking in your boots you’re so excited to read on. Well hold on, because I’m about to wow your eyes with the magical bliss of what took me about 15 minutes in Paint. Yes, that’s right be amazed.


Alright, enough of that, let’s get to the good stuff.

original unicorn photo courtesy of theoatmeal



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3 responses to “Tribute to My Very First Post + Unicorns

  1. sean

    It’s after 11pm and I find myself having nothing better to do but to read this in hopes of something gratifying. I was wrong. But unicorns kick ass

  2. Lisa

    Everything comes together when unicorns are involved!

  3. Awesome, build the habit of posting regularly and your true voice will emerge- rock on!

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